We need equity not equality to solve the digital divide

One major concern of living in the digital era is how to bridge the digital divide. So what is the digital divide? Simply put, it’s the “haves” and the “have-nots”. But I believe it’s way more complex than that, and any solution to bridge the chasm has to be based on the idea of equity instead of equality. For example, access to high speed internet isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. In Albemarle County, Virginia roughly 35,000 people don’t have adequate internet speeds. That’s a third of the counties overall population.

County officials told the C-Ville Weekly one group most impacted by the lack of service is students.

It makes sense. Education is highly reliant on technology and the internet. Students with poor or no internet connection are forced to rely on the libraries or friends and neighbors in order to do homework.

The solution isn’t just access (equality). It’s providing high-speed broadband access to all (equity). And any effort to solve this problem has to include political intervention. Until we see equitable access as a basic right we will never truly bridge the divide.


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